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Super Food

Oatmeal is called the new superfood and oatmeal is certainly healthy if you use it the right way. Oatmeal is also very versatile and there are many ready-made recipes available on the internet. Oatmeal was also eaten in antiquity. The Egyptians gave it as a gift to the deceased so that they would have food in the afterlife. The ancient Greeks used it in desserts. Only the Romans didn’t eat it but gave it to their horses.

What exactly is oatmeal?
Oatmeal is made from oats, which will not surprise anyone. But perhaps the following will surprise you. The oat grains are first washed and peeled. They are then heated and cut into pieces. These pieces are then steamed and flattened. Oatmeal therefore consists entirely of the oat type of grain without any additives.

Which oatmeal is healthy?
Oatmeal basically consists exclusively of crushed and steamed oat grains, which means that all oatmeal is also healthy. However, there are many different brands and prices may also differ. Determining the right oatmeal for you is really a matter of personal taste. If you compare the different types of oatmeal without additives, you will also see that they don’t care much about calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. After all, it’s all oats. The Lidl’s oatmeal is therefore comparable to that of the AH or health food stores. Oatmeal without additives is only grain.

Is oatmeal a thickening agent?
Oatmeal or oat flakes is a superfood that is very suitable as a healthy breakfast that gives you energy and good nutrients until it’s time for lunch. If you feel that your weight increases by eating oatmeal at breakfast, this could be for the following reasons:

  • You just eat too much at breakfast by default. Oatmeal is a very healthy breakfast. For someone with an average weight, 40 to 50 grams of uncooked oatmeal is enough for breakfast.
  • The toppings you use of course also determine the amount of calories that an oatmeal breakfast contains. If you put a lot of sugar or a layer of Nutella on top of your oatmeal, there is a good chance that this breakfast can also become a thickening. Fruit, nuts and seeds are a much better choice. For the taste, it is best to choose cinnamon.
  • Too much of what is good is also no longer healthy. Although nuts are healthy for topping, they often contain a lot of calories and also that healthy fresh fruit is often full of sugar. Be modest when it comes to toppings and know your limits.
  • Whole milk contains a lot of fat and calories. A plate of oatmeal with whole milk, nuts, seeds and perhaps also sweets, quickly becomes a fat and high-calorie bite. Milk can be replaced by water or yoghurt. Other types of milk, such as almond milk, can also be a solution.
  • Too much sweetness is actually taboo at breakfast. Maybe you thought that agave syrup, honey or coconut blossom sugar wouldn’t be a problem to make your oatmeal nice and sweet. Of course, these sweeteners do contain more healthy nutrients than granulated sugar. But your body treats the sugar in these products in the same way as it treats ordinary sugar. As a sweet tooth, think of things like vanilla or cinnamon to flavor the oatmeal for you.

Ready-made recipes
What else is possible with oatmeal than the standard plate with or without topping? We have listed a number of dishes for you here. All these recipes can be found on the internet and you don’t have to be a chef to make them.

Overnight oatmeal with banana and hazelnuts
The name says it all. You prepare this oatmeal the night before and leave it in the fridge for a night. Allow it to warm up again half an hour before breakfast for the best taste.

Oatmeal cookies
These can of course be served all day long and are not specifically intended for your breakfast. You can keep them in a drum for a long time and they always look very presentable. Surprise your visitors with a tasty and healthy snack.

Oatmeal-chococo biscuits
Everything that applies to the standard oatmeal biscuits also applies to this luxury version. Even tastier and just as easy to bake. So everyone wants to enjoy oatmeal of course.

Cherry fizz the real fruit breakfast
Oatmeal can easily be combined with fresh fruit and that gives you a breakfast bowl full of cheerful colours that will brighten you up immediately in the morning. There are so many delicious fruits available in the Netherlands that are also healthy. Vary to your heart’s content with cherries, grapes, blackberries and everything you like. Nothing is required except that it is fresh fruit.